About Management Strategic Ideas, Inc.

What started as a ten-year old’s landscaping business in 1969 has evolved into a company that has achieved a client combined total gross sales value of over $65,000,000 a year. How did MSI get here? When our founder, Clark Canedy, was ten years old, he ran two paper routes to pay for his hobby of building and flying remote-controlled airplanes. His entrepreneurial spirit was strong, and he began his own landscaping business at an early age. In college, Clark furthered his interest in business by pursing a degree in accounting, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Law. Clark also furthered his interest in aviation by learning to fly real planes. He paid his own way through college, learning valuable lessons along the way.

From there, Clark installed computers and technical software for multiple companies. While working on computers, Clark began to see that the structure of these businesses were inefficient and wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clark restructured these businesses to be more efficient, saving them these wasted dollars, and he quickly became recognized a turnaround expert. His unique view on business got him recruited into the field of health care, where he was immediately hired as a CFO and COO. Within his first year as CFO and COO, Clark grew the pre-tax profit of the company from $150,000 to $1.9M.

Since then, Clark has completed more than 35 multi-million-dollar merger and acquisitions and has designed exit strategies for clients of up to $10.5M. Clark’s clarity of vision, ability to analyze, problem solve, and strategically plan has led to an impressive and highly-valuable track record. Clark has now structured his business skills into Management Strategic Ideas, taking his skills another step further to help businesses secure their goals and success. Combining strong communication with expert collaboration, MSI provides CFO, CEO, and COO services to clients who want to grow and improve their businesses. MSI is ready to help your business take off for a smooth and successful flight today!